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Team Advancement

These rankings are FINAL

Team Name

Robert's Rules of Disorder

Disturbingly Sober

A Touch of Sass

Rolling Toads

Intelligence is our Dump Stat

Live Laugh Toaster Bath

Undignified Team of Evil

Something's Better Than Nothing

The Gravy Robbers

Can't Stop the Stealing

Alternate Teams (please show up because we sometimes get no shows)

​Bourne This Way

The Wooooo Girls

​Chafed but Dangerous

Alternate Players (top roleplayers not on and advancing team)



​Kathleen (Bourne this Way)

Nate Elia (Draggin' Wagons)

Kristin Sanders (Chafed)

Reyes Zaragoza (pillow)


​Terry Parkhorn (Pillow)

Alex Elia ( Draggin')

Taylor Ullman (Woo)

Fred Kessler (Elfberries)


​Brian Jayson (Draggin')

Brian Aker Jr. (Chuffed)

Matt Dukes (Patella)


​John Loman (Draggin')

Brian Wiseman (elfberries)

Grant Strauss (Woo)


​Bryan (Ryan?) Sullivan (Patella)

Preston Gray (Woooo)

Cole Teatmeyer (Draggin')

Lady-in-Waiting Gaga

Chaz (Udders)​

Maya Jaramovich (Draggin')

Bella Croff (Bourne)

Joseph Schuman (Patella)

Sean Smith (Elfberries)


Maddie Prue (Bourne)

Sammi Burch (Elfberries)

Payton? (Last One)

Joel Vandernicide (Staff)

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