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The Never Been – The Nascrag 2019 Tournament 

Written by Randal Cox and Mike Watts (The Filking Weiners)
 Mutant monster slaves (that’s you, chum) battle an evil goddess and her perfect people. You must squeeze more from this life! 
Life is hard hard for us ugly wrecks in the wastes. From first wakes, we dig deep deep for our flawless masters. They look down on us maggots from their magical city of bright bright light. Sometimes they work us to death. If we’re lucky lucky, we die from the poisons in the ground first. But something is new! Our masters are wild wild looking for something they lost in the wastes, while their evil diety screams so loud she shakes the ground. We are all going to die, but maybe we can make their smooth smooth faces crack first! Join us for NASCRAG’s 40th consecutive year at Gen Con!
Thursday 1:00 PM RPG19146247
Thursday 7:00 PM RPG19146386
Friday 1:00 PM  RPG19146388
Friday 7:00 PM  RPG19146390
Saturday 1:00 PM   RPG19146390
 Saturday 7:00 PM – Finale (by advancement only – no additional cost)

A Very Merry Murder – The Nascrag 2019 Charity Event

Written by Kat Garon and Catherine Brennan (KatCat)

When an audience volunteer drops dead in the big top, your circus troupe must clear itself of murder charges. Can you solve the crime before it’s too late, and you’re all put on ice?

You always said you’d kill to get your circus troupe a gig at the Pickerel Winter Festival, but you didn’t mean it literally! After an audience volunteer – a muckraking newspaper editor – drops dead during your circus act, you find yourselves in jail, accused of his murder. Can you clear yourselves of the crime and find the deadly secret that haunts this picturesque northern town? Characters include Maurizio the Magnificent (a wizard), acrobat Lynette Lark (a rogue), Madame Eridani (a psychic cleric), circus manager and part-time acrobat Gordon Gallway (a ranger), strongman Maksym (a fighter), fire dancer Rashmi (a druid), and smooth-talking ringmaster J.D. Bellville (a bard who knows his way around a con). Proceeds support the official Gen Con Charity partner.

Thursday 1:00 PM RPG19146269
Thursday 7:00 PM RPG19146391
Friday 1:00 PM RPG19146392
Friday 7:00 PM RPG19146393
Saturday 1:00 PM RPG19146396


And our 2018 Champions are…

Fake Land War In Asia!!




2nd: Something Witty And Clever
3rd: The Briarsage Sextet
4th: Undignified Ways To Die
5th: Plaid Chameleons
6th: Malicious Fruit
7th: Evil Beard
8th: Mythic Blunders
9th: Disorganized Mess
10th: Not The Worst

Advancing Teams as of 6pm Saturday

Undignified Ways To Die
None Shall Pass
The Drunken Alpacas
Plaid Chameleons
Not The Worst
Mythic Blunders
The Briarsage Sextet
Something Witty And Clever
Guild of Calamitous Intent
Super T.A.R.T.
Would You Like Some Poison Treats?
The Malicious
Low Hanging Fruit
Evil Beard
Disorganized Mess

Alternate Teams

Franklin Council of Necromancers Local #252
Land War in Asia
Super High Intensity Team

Alternate Players


John Timothy
John Ellis
Sean Fuller

Sandra Delaney

Amy Jones
Chris Keating
Mike Taylon
Brian Graves

Lex Savoy

Chao Hughes
Chris Wright
Seth Adams

Brother Lawrence

Jason Webb
Nathan Labalc
Heather Cottingham

Hebrun Spellbreaker

Paul Rettig
Ben Knize
Philip Meinecke

Havoc Mott

Mark Albright
Randy Strommen
Steve LeBlanc

Gen Con 2018 Tournament – 2 Rounds

NASCRAG Presents: Let’s Be Bad! 

Our 39th annual tournament at Gen Con; a two-round Pathfinder tournament. 
After years of famine, the kingdom is in grave danger. But the heroes cannot save it because they’re part of the problem. Time for the villains to have their day in the sun. But getting into the capitol is just the beginning of an adventure of twists, sins and imagination. 
Our villains include a devious slave trader, a wicked stepmother, a half-orc berserker, a dwarven fallen paladin, a rabble-rousing priest and a necromancer.
Click on the pictures for character sheets!

Aveneloris, Wicked Stepmother


Sandra Delaney – Necromancer


Lex Savoy – Slaver?


Brother Lawrence, Rabble Rousing Priest


Hebrun Spellbreaker – Fallen Paladin


Havok Mott – Barbarian Murderer

NASCRAG adventures feature role-playing, puzzle-solving and character interaction.  Teams advance to round 2 on Saturday at 7 pm.  Awards party and prizes: Saturday at 11 pm.

Time Change Announcement (1 pm and 7 pm daily!)


We love our players at NASCRAG. We really do. We’ve said it many times but we do what we do because you folks are so much (darn) fun.

We’ve heard from more than a few of you that the 9 pm slots are just too late. And Thursday’s are crazy for us. We have a 1 pm judges meeting followed by 5 pm – 1 am straight through!

So to fix this we thought “why not just run at 1 pm and 7 pm every day?” The naysayers shouted ( as naysayers often do) “But then we could eat dinner!” “And we’d be getting too much sleep!” In the end we decided if it made the players happy it would make us happy too.

From now on NASCRAG will run it’s events at 1 pm and 7 pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (Saturday 7 pm would be the Tournament finale only).