Gen Con 2018 Tournament – 2 Rounds

NASCRAG Presents: Let’s Be Bad! 

Our 39th annual tournament at Gen Con; a two-round Pathfinder tournament. 
After years of famine, the kingdom is in grave danger. But the heroes cannot save it because they’re part of the problem. Time for the villains to have their day in the sun. But getting into the capitol is just the beginning of an adventure of twists, sins and imagination. 
Our villains include a devious slave trader, a wicked stepmother, a half-orc berserker, a dwarven fallen paladin, a rabble-rousing priest and a necromancer.
Click on the pictures for character sheets!

Aveneloris, Wicked Stepmother


Sandra Delaney – Necromancer


Lex Savoy – Slaver?


Brother Lawrence, Rabble Rousing Priest


Hebrun Spellbreaker – Fallen Paladin


Havok Mott – Barbarian Murderer

NASCRAG adventures feature role-playing, puzzle-solving and character interaction.  Teams advance to round 2 on Saturday at 7 pm.  Awards party and prizes: Saturday at 11 pm.

Time Change Announcement (1 pm and 7 pm daily!)


We love our players at NASCRAG. We really do. We’ve said it many times but we do what we do because you folks are so much (darn) fun.

We’ve heard from more than a few of you that the 9 pm slots are just too late. And Thursday’s are crazy for us. We have a 1 pm judges meeting followed by 5 pm – 1 am straight through!

So to fix this we thought “why not just run at 1 pm and 7 pm every day?” The naysayers shouted ( as naysayers often do) “But then we could eat dinner!” “And we’d be getting too much sleep!” In the end we decided if it made the players happy it would make us happy too.

From now on NASCRAG will run it’s events at 1 pm and 7 pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (Saturday 7 pm would be the Tournament finale only).