Gen Con On-Line – 2020

We are running two virtual events this year for Gen Con On-Line. 

Proceeds from both events will benefit the Gen Con Charitable partners.

Gen Con On-line instructions:

Our events will take place on Discord.  We are setting up a server there and we will have virtual marshaling to create teams, just like at a physical Gen Con.

30 minutes or so before game time we will post a link to the Nascrag Discord server in the Event Messaging tool on You’ll need to already have your Discord account set up ahead of time. DO NOT WAIT until game time to set that up, please.

We also have to collect your tickets. you do that on the Event Detail page on by clicking “Give ticket to event host”.

Please stay on Mute initially as there will be a lot of people in our marshaling area until we move into separate rooms.

Are you joining with a group that you want to play with? Send us an email at and give us your names, that will streamline team setup.


NASCRAG – Penguins of Destiny – Thursday 7 pm EST, Saturday 1 pm EST, Sunday 1 pm EST. 5 hours

Penguins of Destiny is a classic Nascrag adventure in Role-playing. First done privately in 1983, it was presented as a secondary event at GenCon in 1988. We’ve also had it out in Rochester, NY and conventions in the Chicago area. Always a fan favorite, it’s back after 22 years of maturing on the shelf. Updated for Pathfinder and adapted for an online audience, Penguins of Destiny (Online) is guaranteed to please. You may not finish the adventure (in fact, most don’t), but you will enjoy. Here’s the synopsis from this year’s GenCon catalog:

It really wasn’t your fault the last adventure was a bust and your good friend the cleric died. Now the boss wakes you up in the middle of the night and sends your dysfunctional party traveling half-way across the world to retrieve his stolen Penguins of Destiny! But remember: Life is not the destination, it is the journey! Enjoy this NASCRAG Role-playing classic that hasn’t been presented at GenCon since 1988. Proceeds support the official Gen Con Charity sponsor.

Character List: Dropbox Link


NASCRAG – A Small Problem – Friday 7 pm EST and Saturday 7 pm EST

A Small Problem was our 2005 Tournament.  It was originally presented as a three round event and that’s just not practical in this on-line environment, so we’ll play the first round together and then we will provide you with a link to the PDF of the full event for free!

The King has disappeared and the best and brightest of the kingdom are frantically searching for him. So why are you baby-sitting a 4 year old boy?

King Padraig of Tullamore has disappeared, along with the Prince’s beautiful young nanny. The Queen had sent warnings of assassins from Faerie, but their clothes were found in the King’s bed. Is this scandal or skullduggery? The six PC’s are friends and associates of the Royal family tasked with guarding Neville O’Bannon, the four-year-old half-elven Prince of Tullamore. Lt. Connor Proudfoot – halfling commander of the King’s bodyguard; Jules Fortier – Priest and musical scholar; Tacoma Songbird – a student bard; Finnegan Mulcahy – sorcerer and the King’s apprentice; Innis Mulcahy (his father) – Lord Marshal of the Tullamore Royal Guard (retired); and Daphne Rosen – Druid and friend of the Queen. 

Character Sheets – DropBox Link

 Time Change Announcement (1 pm and 7 pm daily!)


We love our players at NASCRAG. We really do. We’ve said it many times but we do what we do because you folks are so much (darn) fun.

We’ve heard from more than a few of you that the 9 pm slots are just too late. And Thursday’s are crazy for us. We have a 1 pm judges meeting followed by 5 pm – 1 am straight through!

So to fix this we thought “why not just run at 1 pm and 7 pm every day?” The naysayers shouted ( as naysayers often do) “But then we could eat dinner!” “And we’d be getting too much sleep!” In the end we decided if it made the players happy it would make us happy too.

From now on NASCRAG will run it’s events at 1 pm and 7 pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (Saturday 7 pm would be the Tournament finale only).