We love our players at NASCRAG. We really do. We’ve said it many times but we do what we do because you folks are so much (darn) fun.

We’ve heard from more than a few of you that the 9 pm slots are just too late. And Thursday’s are crazy for us. We have a 1 pm judges meeting followed by 5 pm – 1 am straight through!

So to fix this we thought “why not just run at 1 pm and 7 pm every day?” The naysayers shouted ( as naysayers often do) “But then we could eat dinner!” “And we’d be getting too much sleep!” In the end we decided if it made the players happy it would make us happy too.

From now on NASCRAG will run it’s events at 1 pm and 7 pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (Saturday 7 pm would be the Tournament finale only).

Another concern we’ve heard is that it’s hard to fill out a full team of six players. To help there, we will be setting up a Slack site for our players. You can use it to build teams or plan strategy or exchange recipes. Just contact us on Gmail ( NASCRAG or NascragMan ) and we’ll send you an invite.

If you aren’t familiar with Slack it’s like IRC chat but optimized for cell phones and with lots of nice bells and whistles.