2012 – Harsh Realities

Written by: Jason Smith and Jennifer Stanchfield

Edited by: Brian Chase



 Your Stolen Lives are about to hit some Harsh Realities. Our unlikely heroes include: a teenage blood sucker, a pirate, a rapping sorcerer, a celebutant , an old battle-ax, and a dude that looks like a lady. Get ready for some role-playing, puzzle solving goodness and join us for our 33rd consecutive year at Gen Con! Brace yourself for this wacky 6 player team advancement event. 

Illustrations by: Bill “Indy” Cavalier

Photos by: David T. Mitchard

Photos by: Jason Smith

This Year’s Winning Team: Aberzombie and Lich

2. The Evil Team of Evils & Minions
3. The Odd Sextuple
4. Plaid Chameleons
5. Undignified Ways to Die
6 Turds in the Punchbowl
7. Biting the Hand That’s Rocks the Cradle
8. The Offensive Gamers
9. Your Ears are Distracting
10. It’s Huge
11. Task Force Iron Blue Freedom Velociraptor
12. The Shadow The Shadow? The Shadow