2011 – Reality’s Bite

Stolen Lives – Reality’s Bite

Written by: Jason Smith, Jennifer Stanchfield, Parker Garlitz, and Kelly Taylor

Edited by: David Mitchard


Just how did a pirate, a pointy-toothed teenager, and a tree-hugger get lost on an island with a poser wizard and an old battle-axe of a fighter? And is that half-orc a dude or a lady? Don’t be left holding the bag. Get ready for some role-playing, puzzle solving goodness for our 32st consecutive year at Gen Con.

Illustrations by: Bill “Indy” Cavalier

Photos by: Randal Cox

This years winners of the 2011 NASCRAG tournament are:

1. I’m Hungry
2. Imperfect Echo
3. Evil Team of Evil
4. Tie-dyed technicolor Tokay
5. The Endless Wasters
6. First Rounders

The MVPs of this years tournament are:

Cap’n Parc: Jessica Kent
Thaga: Mike Watts
Tre: Rich Preston
Dilly: Elisa Ford
Cosgrathe: Guild Fetridge
Berta: Marianna Denny