2010 – Up a Rope

Graphic2What chance do a bunch of stinky humanoids and turncoat human scum have against the Goddess of Darkness? Gad-zooks, you’re up a rope for sure! Eternal night, betrayal, and the walking dead are the least of your worries: This headache is gonna kill you. Hmm, maybe death and eternal darkness doesn’t sound so bad after all. Get set for hilarious role playing, puzzles, and all-around mayhem for our 31st consecutive year at Gen Con.

Written by……: Randal Cox, Mike Watts, Mike Collins

Edited by…….: Eileen Cahill

Illustrations by: Bill “Indy” Cavalier

Photos by: Dave Mitchard

Photos by: Mark Kevin

Photos by: Cheryl Cavalier

Photos by: Buster Pishkur