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Epiphany Song: Human, 7th level Druid. Formerly peace-loving hippy girl forced to aid a pirate crew. After travelling the Moon Paths she has embraced her inner warrior and now revels in fighting in the form of a giant cave bear.

Dagbold Spector:Dwarven 7th level Priest of Kaebum. Happily hyper-violent priest of the Dwarven god of Fire, Destruction, and Gunpowder. Enjoys a good fight, a drink, and frequent explosions. Member of the Gunpowder Guild.

Robert Harbinger:Human, 7th level Fighter. Captain of the Night Otter. Brutally raised by Cap’n Otto Von Falk to be a pirate, but managed to become a relatively decent human being. The restraints of his former life have been lifted and he’s now free to become his own man. Confused by all the personal revelations and changes he’s experienced in the last few days, but determined to be the best captain and father that he can be.

Fenestra Darkwater: Moon Zombie, 7th level Rogue. Devious, sniveling, back-stabbing pirate who died and came back as a Moon Zombie as a result of Baron Samedi’s plot to turn the Land of the Living into the Land of the Dead. Umphquin of the Deep Currents cursed him into a twisted hunchback to mock his former beauty.  Now his that his curse has been lifted he’s determined to be a better man.
Cirque Ferrare: Human, 7th level Voodoo Priestess. Dark, sexy, voodoo priestess, now married to Paolo Ferrare and making the most of it.
Paolo Ferrare: Human, 9th level Sorcerer. Bold, masculine, larger-than-life sorcerer.Human, 9th level Sorcerer. Bold, masculine, larger-than-life sorcerer.  Now that he has mastered the after effects of his curse he can shape-change into a parrot at will.  Of course since his clothes don’t change with him he is frequently naked, but in this hot climate this isn’t truly a problem.  Married to Cirque Harbinger  and determined to enjoy life to its fullest and protect the people he cares for.