2016 Winners

Our 2016 championship team is…

Questionable Decisions!

The rest of the top 6 teams are…

Platypus Arsonist Sandwich League
Undignified Ways to Die
Something Witty and Clever
Misfit Window Lickers
Charity Event


The Toby awards are given to the best player in a particular role in both rounds combined.

Our 2016 Toby Award winners are…

Paolo: Stewart Whitcomb

Cirque: Michael Carter

Robert:Richard Glassmeyer

Fenestra: Peter Burch

Epiphany: Elisa Ford

Dagbold: Yan-iv Rozenblat

Everyone there was a winner though. Players and judges alike.

This was the finale of the Night Otter series. We hope you’ve enjoyed the adventures as much as we have.