2016-Recap of revenge of the Night Otter(2015)

Recap 2015 – Revenge of the Night Otter  

In the Revenge of the Night Otter the crew braved the zombie ravaged city of Janeiro in search of Waystones.  Three Waystones were needed undo the dark voodoo that blocked the Moonpaths and was keeping souls from reaching the afterlife.

The first you recovered while foiling the plans of the Voodoo god Baron Samedi and his priest, Negral Sangre (Mutiny on the Night Otter).  It was Weaver, the Waystone of Epiphany’s adopted tribe, the Ungwalla Doola.

You gained the second (Blaster) after being granted a vision by Kaebum himself, first of a volcano gloriously erupting, and then later lushly green and crawling with life (rot and parasites in the opinion of the Dwarven god of Explosions).  You passed the god’s tests and were deemed worthy to carry his Waystone.

You next searched the temples of Dionysus and Janae and were devastated to find that their Waystones had been lost and their priesthoods fled.  In your moment of despair, a small voice spoke to you.  It was Father Fon Du Lac (Fondue) of the priests of Lombardi.  The Mousefolk (MoFo) had been watching your efforts and decided to entrust you with their Waystone (Gameball) in hopes of unblocking the Moonpaths.

You traveled to the Moonpaths via the Last Tavern, a pocket dimension created by Cap’n Otto Von Falk, the former master of the Night Otter.  Von Falk’s spirit had made its way to this refuge and had inhabited a Voodoo doll.  He almost succeeded in possessing you before you ended him.

The Waystones kept you Safe on the Moonpaths while you reviewed your past lives and learned about your true selves (and each other).

Robert and Paolo learned to stop blaming themselves for their failures against Cap’n Otto.  They had both endured their long captivity together and triumphed together even though it took many years.

Cirque and Festren learned to forgive themselves for the mistakes of their youth:  Cirque as a follower of Baron Samedi and Festren as the Paladin General of Umphquin the Lady of the Deep Waters.  They both resolved to be better people going forward.

Epiphany and Dagbold both embraced the violent sides of their nature.  Epiphany had been a pacifist who was torn with internal conflicts when forced to fight in her Bear form.  She realized that violence in a just cause should not be despised.  And Dagbold… well, Dagbold just reaffirmed that he really loves to blow stuff up (BSU).

You traveled up the roots of the Tree of Life and found the blockage.  It was the spirit of Negral Sangre in the form of the Not Knot: a tangle of ectoplasmic strings and goo.  The spirit of Robert’s son Robert Jr (RJ) was there too.  He helped you destroy Sangre, cut the Not Knot, and restore the Silver Cords so that spirits could pass to the afterlife once more.

By restoring the Moon Paths, the dead now stay dead.  The Undead portion of the zombie apocalypse is ended.  But there is a second type of zombie that walks the land.  The Rage Zombie: a form of zombiism caused by a virus and which has spread across the world in tandem with the Undead form.