2015- Recap-Mutiny of the Night Otter(2014)

This is a recap of the 2014 Mutiny of the Night Otter:

Just a few days ago you were miserable pirates serving under the brutal Cap’n Otto Von Falk on his ship, the Night Otter. Since then you’ve overthrown the Cap’n, looted his treasure island,foiled the plot of the voodoo cult of Baron Samedi to turn everyone into zombies, and recovered Weaver, the Waystone of the Ungwalla Doona.

Of course there are still a few loose ends to tie up. Baron Samedi wasn’t able to turn the land of the living into the land of the dead, but two types of zombies still roam the land. The Rage virus (transmitted by zombie bites) turns its victims into red-eyed, hate-filled, killing machines. Additionally, when anyone dies they rise as moon-eyed, hate-filled (though admittedly  slow-footed), killing machines. But hey, what’s life without a few challenges?

It was in the Last Tavern, on Isla Perdida, that you glimpsed the inner workings of what was happening to the dead. Cap’n Otto, a powerful Voodoo sorcerer, placed that tavern between this life and the next and filled it with the souls of dead sailors. One sailor, tired of the unlife of the Tavern, braved Von Falk’s direct doorway to the Moonpaths only to return as a Moon Zombie. Granny Gator, a powerful voodoo Loa spirit, told you that to stop the dead from rising you have to carry at least three Waystones through the Moonpaths to clear away the curse of Baron Samedi and allow the dead to reach their afterlife.

You might have headed directly back to Isla Perdida and Cap’n Otto’s supernatural tavern except for a few things:

Firstly, your contract with the Gunpowder Guild is about to expire. You need to renew that contract and pay the 50,000 gp fee in the city of Janeiro or the blessings of Kaebum will be withdrawn and the Night Otter’s stores of powder will revert to piles of inert grey dust.

Secondly, there’s Dagbold’s urgent and even threatening insistence that he needs to get to his guild house church in Janeiro immediately. He is near panicked with urgency and that is a truly frightening thing to see.

Thirdly, you are down to a skeleton crew: thirteen (exhausted) seamen. That’s enough, to manage a schooner like the Night Otter in fair weather, but only barely. Another dozen men would make things much easier.

Finally, and most importantly, Janeiro is the best place to find more Waystones. And if you are to have any chance of unblocking the Moonpaths you’ll need to find two churches who will donate their stones to the cause.

All things considered, a day to stop in Janeiro will be time well spent.