2015 Winners


Our 2015 top 12 in order:

1 – The Motley Few
2 – 5 Newbs and a Vet
3 – Sheetless In Seattle
4 – Excessive Intoxication
5 – Travis Fancypants
6 – Sons of Liches
7 – Undignified Ways to Die
8 – Inconspicuous Bears
9 – Plaid Chameleons
10 – Questionable Decisions
11 – Sharknado II
12 – Last Minute

The Toby winners for best character played:

Cirque –  Heather Ashcraft (Sons of Liches)
Paulo – Dana Devries (Plaid Chameleons)
Epiphany – Tera Griffin (Evil Team of Evil)
Festren – Lance Lamont  (Questionable Decisions)
Dagbold – Richard Colburn (The Motley Few)
 Robert – Alison Frane  (Undignified Ways to Die)


The following teams advanced to round 2.  Round 2 is Saturday 8pm in ICC 123-124

Plaid Chameleons
Undignified ways to die
Sheetless in Seattle
Sons of liches
The last minute
Inconspicuous bears
Five newbs and a vet
Excessive intoxication
Randy rogues
Dragon fodder
Travis Fancy Pants
Sharknado II
Questionable decisions
The motley few
Hex hex hex
Sounds like onomautapoeia
Alternate teams:
The newley weds
Rampaging tapeworms
Alternate players:
Scott Kwiker
Pam from Party Breakers
Neev Rozenblat
Patrick Collins
George Graybill
Sam Choudhury
Chris Hicks
Rob Poulos
Amy Stone
Kent King
Caitlin Hoskins
Justin from Party Breakers
Joseph from Donut Boys
Matt Ruggles
Zach Serota
Mitch from Pre-Rustled Jimmies
John Trinckes
Hary Carmichael
Ben Hemmen
Mark Daniel