2014 Tournament Winners

The winner of the 2014 NASCRAG Tournament:
Undignified Ways to Die

The runners up in ranking order:
Questionable Decisions
Excessive Intoxication
Sons of Liches
Silver Bullette II
Two of These Things
Toby’s Angels
Bearded Banshee Buffet
Motley Few
Bacon Lettuce & Sho-Knado
Pieces of Seven
Big Booty

Robert: Ross McVey Jr. (Big Booty)
Epiphany: Tammie Peters (Two of These Things)
Paolo: Matt Davenport (Woefully Unprepared)
Cirque: Taylor Pedersen (World of Dankness)
Dagbold: ?????(Motley Few)
Festren: Angelo Benedetto (Toby’s Angels)