2014 – Mutiny on the Night Otter

NASCRAG presents: Mutiny on the Night Otter

Written by: David T. Mitchard

Edited by: Brian Chase

– NASCRAG’s 35th consecutive adventure at Gen Con – a two-round Pathfinder tournament.


Even among the pirates of the Venezian main, Captain Otto Von Falk’s reputation for cruelty and sadism was legendary. Legendary, that is, until he pushed his crew too far one day and was killed in a well-deserved mutiny. The mutineers find themselves facing a dark voodoo conspiracy and a zombie apocalypse as they try to lift Von Falk’s curses and survive.

The mutinous crew includes a voodoo priestess with a secret, a cursed sorcerer, a cut-throat sea-elf, a crazed dwarven bomber, a hippy druid scout, and the dashing young first mate.

NASCRAG adventures feature role-playing, puzzle-solving, and character interaction. Teams advance to round 2 on Saturday @ 7pm. Awards party and prizes: Saturday @ 11pm.

Round Location: ICC : Hall D : NASCRAG : HQ

Thursday 5 PM

RPG1457629 NASCRAG Tournament Round 1
RPG1457635 NASCRAG Charity Event

Thursday 9 PM
RPG1457630 NASCRAG Tournament Round 1
RPG1457636 NASCRAG Charity Event

Friday 1 PM
RPG1457631 NASCRAG Tournament Round 1
RPG1457637 NASCRAG Charity Event

Friday 9 PM
RPG1457632 NASCRAG Tournament Round 1
RPG1457639 NASCRAG Charity Event

Saturday 1 PM
RPG1457633 NASCRAG Tournament Round 1
RPG1457640 NASCRAG Charity Event

Saturday 7 PM
RPG1457634 NASCRAG Tournament Round 2

Saturday 11 PM
ZED1457642 NASCRAG Awards party
Awards party location: Crowne Plaza : Victoria Stn C/D