Primary Tournaments

Nascrag has been presenting a multi-round tournament every year since 1980.

The Fez series (1980–1985)
Six adventures based on the troubles of Fez – the Wizard of Time. Licensed and printed by Mayfair Games [4] in the 1980s. It was during this period that the name NASCRAG was coined.

The Zef series (1986–1992)
Seven adventures based around Lord Becket, his freedom fighters, the evil Queen Bea the Weredragon, and an alien bird named Zef whose peck would cause personalities to switch bodies.

The Nexus series (1993–1996)
Four adventures featuring dimension-hopping via the portal known only as the NEXUS, while battling the Demoness Nox and the trickster spirit Coyote.

Northern (L)attitudes (1997)
A stand-alone adventure ranging from the frozen north to a Jimmy Buffett inspired tropical island in which the heroes were searching for a fabled, lost magic item to combat an ice golem.

Catgut Willy and the Whirling Vortex of Doom (1998)
A stand-alone adventure in which one band of “Jacks” pursue a younger band of “Jacks” into the land of Faerie to save the world from the aforementioned Vortex. It memorably featured Flambeau the flamin’ pig.

The NASCRAG University series (1999–2001)
Three adventures about the time and dimension traveling agents of the BUSCI organization and their struggles against the evil ASCII Corporation.

The Seconds series (2002–2004)
Three time traveling adventures in which humans and elves must work together to aid the eccentric Doc Zown against the depredations of the Spider Queen Lilth and her Dark Race Of Warriors. The fight ranged even into Nashalla, the NASCRAG afterlife.

The Small Problems series (2005–2007)
Three adventures in which miniaturized heroes aid Prince Neville O’Bannon – a faerie god-child who doesn’t know the limits of his own powers. It features faerie assassins, the mouse-folk of Emerald Bay, and a fantastic voyage inside the Prince’s body in a yellow submarine. 

The Pretanic Island Saga series (2008–2010)
All the power of Venezia poises to crush the Islands. What can six smelly humanoids do against that?

The Stolen Lives Series – (2011-2013)
2011’s event was entitled “Reality’s Bite”: Six strangers, marooned on a tropical island. Can they pull together before all is LOST?  What is real and what is Illusion? …and how can you ever be sure? The resistance is offering you a chance to fight back against the corporate empire of the Marklar. Do you trust them? 

The Night Otter series – (2014-2016)
The pirate crew of the Night Otter faces dark voodoo and a zombie apocalypse. Starting with 2014, Nascrag changed to a two-round format.