2017 – To Save the King

Gen Con 2017 Charity Event – 1 Round

Nascrag Presents: To Save the King

(Character Sheets) 

Welcome back to Rosenchilds Finishing School for Wayward Nobles.  King Kirby lies dying.  A sage and alumni of the school, he fell ill during a visit.  Now his fate rests in the hands of the students of the Potions 101 class.  Can they retrieve the ingredients for the cure in time?  You’ll need to race through puzzles, obstacles and interesting characters to save the king. 

In the NASCRAG tradition, Role-playing and fun will be stressed.  New players welcome!  Proceeds from this one-round Pathfinder event will support the official Gen Con Charity partner – Child Advocates Inc

* Note:  The author of the Rosenchilds Finishing School Events is Dana Devries.  Dana also writes for Plaid Chameleon Games.  They put on an amazing 7th sea LARP at Gen Con every year.  This year it is entitled – The Most Interesting Wake in the World