Secondary Events

Some years, when we’re feeling ambitious, we’ll run a second event in addition to the primary tournament.  In recent years the proceeds from this event has been donated to charity.

Penguins of Destiny (1988)

a one round adventure where the heroes must retrieve the stolen Penguins of Destiny: magical statuettes with fabulous powers. The players must learn to work together or die separately. An enhanced version of this event was also played at Winter Fantasy 1998.

The author of this tournament was named Treasurer for life of NASCRAG when he sold a small plastic penguin miniature at the Gen Con Auction for $20. (The office of treasurer has no official duties.)

Requiem (1987)

A Donagael Saga tournament run by NASCRAG.

Dance for a Dead Princess (1989)

Another Donagael Saga tournament, also run by NASCRAG. Danu’s daughter Earrach has fallen into the hands of Lord Bile. Can you, the children of Danu, brave the lands where pain and death are real to restore life to the land?

AD&D Missions of Guilt (1990)

The players have been banished to the caverns beneath Stonefast Citadel and must clear their names and save the besieged fortress.

Celluloid Pirates (1992)

A Buck Rogers in the 25th century adventure – The crew of the Dream Runner hijack the space yacht Masquerade in hopes of capturing some rare, ancient celluloid.

The Xemo series (1997, 1998, 2006, 2016)

Three adventures featuring the illusionist Xemo and his clown servants. These adventures were run in addition to the main NASCRAG events in their given years, and the proceeds donated to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. 

The Rosenchild Finishing School for Wayward Nobles series (2012-2015)

A series of stand-alone adventures set in a troubled and magical finishing school.

Proceeds from these events benefited the Gygax Memorial Fund.