NASCRAG is a group of Independent Game Masters.

There are an estimated 6,605,259,115 members… wait – um, no – make that 302,232,970… uh – that’s not right either… Oh, here it is! 

Over the years there have been somewhere between 100 and 500 Nascrag Judges… There are currently somewhere between 60 and 80 who keep in constant contact via the Internet… We’ve all made a major commitment of time and money to be members of NASCRAG.

We strive to make our event the most fun players will have at Gen Con, and we can do that because we rely on using our judges, many of which have more than 30 years of gaming experience.

Many of our judges also contribute their time and abilities behind the scenes as play-testers, reviewers, and organizers.

A profile of NASCRAG’s notable personnel:

Len Bland, Chief Lackey in Charge (Emeritus)

One of the founding fathers of NASCRAG, for many years Len was the driving force behind the direction and operations of the business end of NASCRAG. While Len retired from the C.E.O. position in 1993, he couldn’t escape completely. Instead, he has assumed a much less stressful advisory role.

Carole Bland, Squirrel Queen (Emeritus)

Carole took up the mantle of leadership from Len and led our collection of crazies until 2017.  Her title reflects this: she’s the Squirrel Queen because she was in charge of all the nuts.   In 2017 Ross Davidson and David Mitchard took the reins, wisely deciding that Carole worked too hard and splitting her duties.

Ross Davidson,  The Scroll King

Ross took over all the thankless technical tasks of running the group in 2017.  He does all the paperwork that no one else is willing to do and helps run the event at the Con.

David Mitchard, Chief Cat-Wrangler (Event Organizer)

Dave took over the people side of things.  Wrangling the judges, writers, and artists who create our adventures.  He is the driving force that ultimately makes sure that we have a polished, presentable product year after year.  Dave is also responsible for this website, Nascrag’s Slack page, Facebook page, Gen Con Forum presence, etc. Blame him if you see anything wrong here.

Indiana Bill Cavalier, Artist and Illustrator / Man of 1000 Words

Indy’s illustrations set the entire tone for the NASCRAG visual experience. Players interpret their characters and their place in our event by the images Indy creates. He has illustrated almost every publication in the four decade history of NASCRAG (since FEZ III). Besides the 25-30 illustrations for our tournaments, Indy also creates the T-shirts and banners each year.

Doug Moore, Master of Ceremonies / Marshal

Doug uses his skills as a public speaker from his years in politics to entertain the crowds while he gets them organized in the marshaling area. Without  Doug, well, gosh, we wouldn’t know which tables to go to (of course *finding* the tables is still an uncertain proposition).

Buster, Goat Boy

At Gen Con, while Doug marshals the players into teams, Buster is the one wandering through the crowds, collecting their event tickets, and handing out the paper work.  This activity has become known as “Bustering”.

Rei Kevin, Chief Cartographer

Rei uses her impressive Photoshop skills to prepare slick maps for Nascrag every year.

Zander Kevin, Master of Stuff

Zander has taken the lead in organizing the piles of swag for our award ceremony and selling t-shirts and copies of our adventures.

Head Scorer

Jenn Hough has taken over most of the scoring duties in 2019 and helps out in all sorts of ways.  Just out of the goodness of her heart.  She’s a good one.

The Press-gangers:

One of the hardest tasks we ask some of our staff to perform is press-ganging people who don’t know what they want to do into playing in our event. Gen Con is huge and there are so many choices that many gamers just end up wandering aimlessly. We figure if someone paid to get into Gen Con it’s our job to try to make their experience enjoyable so we try to direct these aimless souls to our event. Brian Chase leads this group these days.  Paul Carolin, Bob Jeffries, and Mike Zwiebel are some of NASCRAG’s most notable press-gangers from the past.