1982 – Fez III: A Gem Fit for a Queen

“A Gem Fit for a Queen” was renamed “Angry Wizard” for the Mayfair Games Role-Aids release.

Scarsnout the ancient red dragon will soon wake from his 100 year sleep. Fez needs a huge flawless gem in which to encase the dragon’s head to keep him from rampaging throughout the Valley of Trees.

Can you recover the Queen’s Gem from a pyramid submerged in the Life River?

Written by……: James Robert and Len Bland

Illustrations by: Bill “Indy” Cavalier

Player Characters

  • Roshan – Human Ranger -Troll
  • Stoutarm – Dwarven Fighter – Gargoyle
  • Moman – Human Cleric – Leprechaun
  • Nightstar – Female Elven Illusionist – Rust Monster
  • Fern – Female Human Druid – Ivory Mage
  • Ramble – Human Mage – Charcoal Warrior
  • Ughblow – Human Fighter – Two-Headed Ogre 

This was the year when Len Bland first coined the term NASCRAG.

Here is the first NASCRAG illustration by Bill “Indy” Cavalier: